Catholic Babies

Last night was wedding 5 of 8 for us (Whew we are almost there).

Of all the weddings we have been to this year, this one was a little more bothersome to me than the others. Why; a full Catholic mass that’s why. Now let me start by saying, I myself am a Catholic and have been to many Catholic weddings before. Maybe things weren’t so relevant at those, or maybe I never caught on but the number of times they talked about having a baby, making a baby, raising a child was ridiculous. They make you feel like god will strike you dead for not having a child. But what about those of us who want nothing more in this life than to be parents and aren’t granted that gift and aren’t given the choice? More than anything it highlighted our struggle yet again.

Aside from that I guess the wedding went ok. This was a wedding for my husband’s side of the family. They are all pretty open about their disapproval of me but for once their own family drama seemed to out-weigh their distaste for me (thank goodness!!). What was a stressful wedding for my husband was great people watching and conversation observing for me.

The next wedding is three weeks away and I am happy to say no family will be present. THANK GOODNESS! I am so ready for a fun wedding where we get to enjoy a fun evening with friends.

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2 thoughts on “Catholic Babies

  1. I’m in 3 weddings this coming year—my favorite question I get is “if you get pregnant, what about your bridesmaids dress?” So I’ve order all my dresses 1 size bigger. The sucky part is going to be if I’m NOT pregnant lol damn you wedding seasons lol

    • jdubbelde13 says:

      Ha Yup. The one I am in 3 weeks from now I ordered 2 sizes up from the one that fit me like a glove. Guess what….I am not even a little prego and the dress needs massive alterations now…it’s a no win!

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