Feeling Confident In My Decision

Hello! In my last post I was seeking clarity and I am happy to say clarity has been found. My husband called insurance. Following his conversation I called my doctor and asked my question (when do we pay; if we start when we had anticipated when would they suspect a retrieval and transfer; and would I be able to go on my business trip). With the answers I needed my husband and I had a honest conversation over dinner. We talked about my job, we talked about the possibility of having a baby in the heart of his favorite hunting season, we talked about money and in the end our decision felt right; more right than I ever thought possible.

We are going to wait. In reality the time will fly. We have 2 weddings in December, with the addition of Christmas I doubt we will really even notice the wait. In addition to our busy December schedule we thought about the money we will be spending between the weddings and gifts for our family members and to be honest we could use the extra month to save. In terms of insurance, it doesn’t renew until January anyway. By waiting we are ensuring absolutely everything we can get covered will be. My husband (as a shock to me) was totally ok with missing not one hunting weekend (hopefully due to us having a baby) but (fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed) a lifetime of them to celebrate a little one’s birthday. Last and least important, I can go on my work trip. I won’t have the stress of traveling with needles and I won’t have the stress of maybe having a retrieval or transfer over the days I should be gone. By waiting I am hoping to eliminate some stress from an already stressful situation.

It feels good to have my decision made and to be at peace with it. Now hopefully I can regain my mind because lately if my head weren’t attached I would lose it! Example: This weekend I went “up north” with a friend. I was making my grandma cookies and completely messed up a recipe I have made multiple times, I overslept on Friday, forgot my wallet at work Friday night so was without money or my ID all weekend. While making the drive up I missed a turn driving us miles in the wrong direction (the scary part was I didn’t even remember going through the town before where my grandma lives…the conversation must have been good). But seriously, SCARY how spacey I have been!

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Confident In My Decision

  1. Elisha says:

    So glad you have peace and clarity 🙂

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