Praying for IVF Clarity

I wish I had something to update you all on but I really don’t. I have been thinking a ton about baby but that is nothing new. My mind goes from names, to wondering what traits they will inherit from what parent and then back to the how the heck are we going to afford this all within the same breathe.

I have been putting off telling my boss about our upcoming IVF until closer to our cycle and things are getting complicated. I have a business trip on January 21st. It’s only 2 days but will require a flight out of town. Normally I wouldn’t think anything of it but this meeting is the only time of year all the marketers at my Firm get together and discuss office happenings. It is a great meeting and very informative BUT and that is a big but, we had planned to start IVF in January. I could have just finished a transfer days before leaving, my transfer date could land on my meeting date or even after. Selfishly I don’t want to postpone our cycle, but I also don’t want to miss the meeting. I had planned to call the doctor about timing in a few weeks, talk to my boss once I have a better idea as to all the details and then purchase my plane ticket sometime in December. Yesterday that plan fell apart when  another marketing person in my office sent me her flight information so I could book the same flight as her and a few others. NO, not yet….too soon!! So here I am, writing down my questions, gearing up to call the doctor and praying for some light and clarity. Why can’t things just happen the way I want them to?

On another note, fall is here! My favorite time of year! I am going “up north” this weekend where I hope the leaves paint the shoreline in beautiful shades of reds, yellows and orange. While there I hope to relax and find my inner peace that has been missing for what feels like months.

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