Bad Dreams

I had a bad dream the other night…a nightmare to some. When I woke up I couldn’t quite remember what the dream was about but did know it had something to do with our IF and IVF. When my husband came home from a bachelor party, he started talking about the not one but two pregnant couples (one was news to me the other I just wrote about) in our group of friends and it hit me…. I dreamed that I had 2 failed IVF cycles. In the dream I remember making the comment to my husband, we should have paid for that baby assurance plan. Oh how I hope this doesn’t come true. That being said, I have also dreamed more than once of a baby boy and that hasn’t become so, they are just dreams right……

So in case you are like what assurance plan – my office has a program where you pay a set price. This set price guarantees you a baby within three tries or you get all of your money back. Sounds great right? Well here is the thing, you are paying more than you would for two IVF treatments but less than you would for three full treatments. If you get pregnant the first try or even the second you don’t get the extra money back, nor are you allowed to push it into a future child if you so choose, instead that money is just lost. We looked at the stats and with most patients getting pregnant within their first two IVF cycles we opted out of the plan. My doctors have never expressed concerns that I will get pregnant, more than anything it has just been finding the right treatments.

Can you tell I am starting to get freaked out about my upcoming IVF? T-2months before the process begins.

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