Hitting Puberty at 26 (and a half)

A Christmas (half) miracle has come early, sometime late last week I hit puberty (well kind of)! That’s right, this period free PCOSer, for the first time in her life, generated a medication free period (ok well heavy spotting)!! Can you believe it? I know I can’t!


Part of me is excited. I am not sure what happened but maybe, just maybe, my body is starting to change and act like a normal women’s body should. At the same time, my lack of a period has been so nice in terms of timing my treatments. I have never had to wait for my period before starting a prescription, nor has she suddenly appeared postponing a cycle. So as much as I am excited to have become a women, unless a pregnancy transpires, I would rather this be a fluke.

Following my last failed IUI (June) we have been put in a holding pattern waiting for our upcoming IVF cycle. Because we were waiting 6 months I was instructed to call my doctor every 2 months or so to get a period inducing prescription, helping to ensure I maintain “health” down there. So I wouldn’t forget I set a calendar reminder for September 8th where I had planned to call my doctor but on the 6th I was greeted with a underwear surprise. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first but there it was. In shock and unsure of what to do I called my brother (in med school, just had his OBGYN clinical rotation) and told him what was going on. He just told me to call my doctor….thanks for nothing brother.

So I took a pregnancy test (to confirm what I already knew) and as if to mock me that test showed me the fastest negative to date. Later that morning, with the knowledge I wasn’t pregnant, I called my doctor’s office to talk through what was going on and what (if anything) is next.

Already in a pretty sour mood from the mocking test I quickly became more agitated at the nurse who I got the “pleasure” of talking with. During the call I was told “I just don’t know what you are wanting to do”… isn’t that why I called, to get your professional advice? I was also scolded for them not knowing my intentions to begin IVF sometime in December. I had intended to give them a call sometime late October / early November to get everything figured out. When I asked my doctor about the timing and when I should confirm what we wanted to do she pretty much said, oh just a few weeks before hand is sufficient so that is what I had planned for.

The call went in a vicious circle of the nurse failing to listen causing me more frustration than necessary. She ended up consulting my doctor about everything and calling me back. So orders are officially in for my IVF cycle. They will be calling me “later” with my anticipated timing of treatments where in the meantime I will maintain a period (but not spot) free lifestyle. Come December 1 I will be going into the doctor’s office for a blood test and then we are off on our IVF journey.

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