When it rains it…Hails?

Oh My; I am so sorry I have been MIA. I have tried to post the following multiple times but for whatever reason the page freezes before I can post. So here you are….

Every time I bring up starting our baby savings account something will happen costing us large sums of money.

It all started last week when we got an “over-due” statement from my doctor’s office for $1,500. I have always been fiscally responsible; I don’t put anything on my credit-card I can’t pay off completely that same month. The thought of an over-due or over-draft is enough to make my stomach churn. Now I understand medical bills are complex things. We get a bill; wait for our insurance company to send us a form to verify the payments match up and pay from there. I let my husband deal with it because if it were up to me I would just give them all the money they ask for to avoid seeing any such “over-due” statements (I know not smart).

A few days later my husband received an email regarding the wedding he is best man in. Now let me start by saying I am all about bending over backwards to make the bride and grooms day everything they dream of; with that said, first, bad timing and second, I wish they would take into consideration the amount of money they are asking from a single person or couple. My husband has to buy a suite from a local wedding shop. The suite includes the pants and jacket ($160), alterations, white shirts and shoes are separate and at an additional cost. Had they chosen a shop that specializes in suites alterations would have been free with a suite the same price. The up side, black isn’t a suite color my husband owns, the down, he owns the closest color to black (Charcoal gray) and has no need for another suite. As a service technician suites are only worn during weddings and funerals. In addition to his wedding day outfit my husband is hosting a bachelor weekend at a cabin, I have been invited to her shower and her bachelorette. This wedding alone will undoubtable be costing us close to (if not more than) $1,000 by the time you add everything up and let us not forget I too am in a wedding with equally ridiculous money demands.

Over the past weekend we spent a (for the most part) relaxing few days “up north” at my family’s lake place. While waking up from an afternoon cat-nap (while my husband was out fishing) I noticed the weather had turned from sunny blue skies to overcast. My grandma walked into the room with word of a severe thunderstorm. Knowing my husband’s 2013 truck was sitting out I asked if they had expected hail. I no sooner asked and the sky opened up as if mocking my question. I don’t think I have ever been stuck in a hail storm that long. I felt so helpless. Had I been given time to prepare I could have arranged cars to get his into a garage, or at the least shielded it under more tree coverage or added blankets over the hood. But instead we are forced to deal with our auto insurance company regarding the hail damage incurred. Adding salt to the wound my brother and his wife, with shitty grins on their faces just said “that sucks;” they took the garage for their car because they are “embarrassed” by their whisky plates. I just wanted to say you don’t understand, we have medical bills to pay, we are trying to save for a baby and we are forking out thousands to make others dream wedding days come true.

As the saying goes….”when it rains it pours.” I am only hoping that the “everything comes in threes” stands true and our bad luck will turn. The tension in our house over money is tight and I would do just about anything for a little relief…. and control.

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