Dreaming of Baby

Have you ever heard that often times people dream of their babies before they know their pregnant; or before they even get pregnant?

I find the concept absolutely fascinating. I ask everyone if they dreamed of their baby and most have. One girl at work dreamt she had a girl that looked like her husband’s sister (their first was a girl), and another dreamt of baby before realizing she was in fact pregnant at the time of the dream.

The craziest I have heard came from a good family friend who always had detailed dreams of his little ones prior to their birth and even their gender reveal. With his first he had a dream they were having a little boy that would look just like him. Note, he is Irish (pale skin, red fair) and she is half black (black hair, lightly tanned skin). A few weeks later they found out they were in fact having a boy with a few months later revealing that true to his father’s dream that little boy is fair skinned with red hair! With their second he dreamt of a little girl that looked like her mother and again he was right; number two brought a black haired tan baby that looks like her mother. How CRAZY is that!

A few weeks ago my husband woke up excited; he had dreamt of a little boy and last night I did as well! No, I am not pregnant but it gives me hope that someday (hopefully soon) I will be and I could use all the reassurance I can get…Why you ask?

Last week my husband came home and was telling me about a conversation he had with someone he used to work with and went to school with. The gentleman and his wife had just adopted a baby girl. We have known for a few years of their inability to have children but out of respect my husband never pried as to the why. During their conversation the old co-worker shared that his wife and him had been through it all…clomid, IUIs and 4 rounds of IVF all of which failed. My husband asked if she had some sort of “disease” to which he responded yes, she has PCOS (oh great); all of the doctors were shocked that none of the IVF treatments worked. So naturally while he is telling me this I am thinking well shit! At the end of the conversation I looked at my husband and asked “Do you think that was the best thing to tell your PCOS bearing wife who is about to start her first and hopefully only round of IVF?” He responded with “in hindsight no probably not.” Oh dear….those boys….

I am happy to say, after a few days of panic I was brought some relief. While out to lunch with a friend the topic came up. Turns out, she has a friend who also has PCOS. Her husband and her just went through their first round of IVF and are expecting a little girl in the coming months. (Whew so there is hope!)

Praying for all of you PCOS’ers out there and your upcoming or current cycles!
For those who are pregnant; did you dream of baby before, have you during your pregnancies?

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4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Baby

  1. I see our children in my meditations sometimes, but have never dreamed about them. A girl and a younger boy. Good luck on your first IVF cycle. We aren’t far behind you.

  2. Kate Buckley says:

    Chin up, IVF is VERY effective for PCOS! ❤ Don't just focus on one bad story, there are so many good ones. Good luck to you, love.

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