Babies Babies Everywhere…Enough

My head is not in it this week. Physically I am at work, mentally I am elsewhere. I log-in with the anticipation of logging off and though I have plenty to keep me busy I find myself doing anything but what I should be doing. I am hoping this is just because I came off what was the busiest month of the year and that next week I will come in ready to kick butt and take names.

This week has also been full of babies. I sit in what could questionably be the worst spot in the office; directly in front of the door and across from the office administrator. Aside from the obvious, listening to the door slam every second of every day, I am privy to all the juicy office gossip which this week has been exclusively about those expecting or who have recently had a baby.

Yup that is right, about half of my office is pregnant (or their wives are). One girl made the comment; don’t drink that water to which I thought; oh what I wouldn’t give for some of that water, that excitement, that anticipation.  I can’t be upset with people for what they don’t know but their constant talk makes it so hard for me to forget my own infertility woes.

In addition to all the office talk I learned today that another one of my cousins is expecting. She is 32 or so has 3 kids (the oldest being 16 or 17) all with different fathers. She can’t carry a job and has since broken up with this new baby’s daddy. If all that isn’t enough she is talking about abortion. I just can’t wrap my head around it! Between her and her sister (the one who told her dad she was pregnant while drunk) I am just so angry and disgusted. Good thing I never see them and when I do we don’t talk.


In anticipation of our IVF I have been working to get ready in any way I can. I put on my calendar the exact date I need to call my doctor and request my BC (December 10th) to start the process without physically having to go in for an appointment yet this year. I looked into my companies insurance to see if they will cover more infertility treatments or if I can use them as a back up to get more coverage than I would on my husband’s insurance alone. Sadly right in the disclaimer it shows that it does not cover any such treatments (wha wha). My husband called to find out how much coverage we have left this year (if any) and it turns out I ran out of coverage with three appointments hanging so we owe $1,500 (ugh wasn’t ready for that bomb but we will get through it; it could be worse). We need to get to the bank and set up our new savings Baby savings account.

The last “planning” element I haven’t quite decided to act on yet is the….is there anything we should do before baby?

I love to travel, my husband does not. If we weren’t saving for the baby I would probably ask to spring for a trip abroad (Florence or somewhere in Ireland top my list). But given the situation I just don’t think I can get him to agree. State side I have always wanted to go to California; but again getting him to agree has been a struggle. Between the situation, his resistance and our fall schedule I am just not sure a trip is practical. Already almost all our weekends are full leading up to January.  For now that is the only pre-baby thing I can think of; can you all think of what people do before baby?

P.S. If any of you are going on a solo trip with the hubby I saw on Facebook someone used Flytographer to capture their recent trip to Dublin. You let the company know where you are going and they pair you up with a professional photographer. You get AMAZING photos of the two of you exploring; how neat is that?! I think she paid about $350 they got their photographer for an hour and walked away with about 65 photos.

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4 thoughts on “Babies Babies Everywhere…Enough

  1. Elisha says:

    I would love travel! I too have always wanted to go to Cali!

  2. ksquared0710 says:

    I love how focused you are and your ability to look ahead and plan. You are one smart cookie!

    • jdubbelde13 says:

      I don’t know if everyone calls that smart but it is in my nature…I’m a planner through and through. P.S. congrats on your little BOY!!! Ahh I am so jealous but happy for you :)!!

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