Shock and Awe

I have no words for what I encountered today. While on a walk with my aunt I learned that my cousin is pregnant. Now before you think, well that’s nice for her, you should know a few things. I haven’t seen her since Easter at least 4 years ago when she showed up with a black eye and her husband a broken knuckle. Her husband spends more time in jail than out and their home life is less than conducive for raising a  child. With all that in mind imagine my surprise when the shock was yet to come. When she informed my uncle of her pregnancy she did so while…….ready for it…..WASTED. Yup she is pregnant with a little helpless nugget and she continues to drown herself with booze. Oh what I wouldn’t give to give her a piece of my mind! Yet another example of someone who shouldn’t be having a child and yet there they are; smoking, drinking and acting as a punching bag to her husband while growing a baby inside her. Sometimes life just isn’t fair!

Already in a fit it didn’t take much to work me up for the second shock while receiving an email from a co-worker.  She started the email with news that her and her husband would be adopting a baby from Uganda. I thought, oh how nice! She explained that they have no preference as to the sex and were anticipating a child 0-3 years of age. Finally I started understanding the point of her email. She is selling homemade fabric bracelets in hopes of raising money to help with the adoption costs. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Now don’t get me wrong I know adoption can get really expensive but there are appropriate and inappropriate platforms for such fundraising; work being on the highly inappropriate side. Can you imagine if I sent out an email to co-workers explaining that I am suffering from infertility; that my next cycle was coming up and the shots are expensive? Maybe it was the pushiness of the email; “bracelets are $10 unless you want to donate more” “You can just leave the cash on my desk” “I have a separate bank account and will take checks as well” or maybe the earlier news tipped me over the edge but I just can’t get over how inappropriate her request was. Save it for church, or have a fundraiser in your neighborhood, look to friends and family and reach out that way…do not bring it to work.

Sorry for the vent but I needed it.

I hope to write a good news post tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Shock and Awe

  1. bebepaulo says:

    That is wrong. The workplace should never make someone feel forced or uncomfortable about giving the money you are literally in the process of earning. Save that for your spare time.

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