IUI3 Here We Come

My weekend started with not one but two pregnancy announcements at work. One I had suspected for a while where as the other came as a surprise. Rushing into my bosses office (directly across from me) after being out sick for the past two days (morning sickness), one of my team members excitedly explained that, though really early, she was expecting. She went on to talk about how bad of timing this was so on and so forth all the while I am thinking man what I wouldn’t do to be in your shoes.

Saturday called for my first baseline appointment in what felt like months. I woke up that morning feeling hopeful that this month would be a go; only to quickly have my mood soured by PMS and dumb people.

Once checked in the receptionist had me sign a form going over my insurance coverage (not uncommon). The paper states that I am supposed to have $5,000 to spend annually with $20,000 to spend in a lifetime. By looking at the sheet I was already up to $17,000 for my lifetime allowance spent…how did this happen? Am I reading it wrong? I don’t understand. I can’t even begin to think what my husband will do if our insurance drops the coverage leaving us with thousands of dollars above what we are already paying to deal with. They have never told me where I am in my coverage so the news hit like a ton of bricks.

While waiting at the office to go into my appointment, trying to make out what this insurance sheet means, I couldn’t help but notice the lady with a young child in a stroller. She was arguing with the receptionist about appointment times. “No, ma’am that simply does not work for my schedule is there any way you could get me in at X time?” I just wanted to get up and scream; Dear lady, I am happy you have what everyone here wants but what makes you more important? We all shift our schedules around for these appointments I expect that you do the same.

Once in the room I took a deep breath and said a little prayer for a healthy and successful cycle. Soon after finishing my prayer the nurse and tech walked into the room. The poor tech was brand new and the nurse a B. When she asked the nurse if she needed to count out all the follicles present the nurse replied with a rude “YES”. Well 57 follicles later we were on to the next side, when the nurse finally let the tech know she could stop counting at 30 and say 30+ if that was the case (exactly what the tech had asked in the first place).

Through my annoyance I was happy to hear this cycle was a go. My cysts (which I didn’t know were cysts) were gone and all my follicles are itty-bitty. I get to start from scratch having a week and a half to grow nice big juicy follicles.

After leaving the office I drove straight over to the pharmacy. While waiting for my shots a lady stepped into line. When she went to pay she was halted by the $35 charge for one of her prescriptions. She was holding up the line, making a big deal about her whopping $35 charge where again I wanted to go up and say “would you like to pay the $800 I’m about to pay?

Now I know the poor people in this post don’t know about my condition and I don’t blame them for their ignorance but when you are hormonal as all heck it just gets to you.

But again, the good news from this all; we get to try. We get another chance to move forward in our journey; how lucky are we?!

Thursday calls for my CD8 follicle scan. Hoping for a few large ones; but not to many. They have me on 150IU right now. I am defiantly bloated (I can always tell in my feet), hormonal (my poor husband) and  feel there are things going on down there.

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