Aunt Flow…That Sneaky B

I was ok with my canceled cycle but when CD28 came and went and Aunt Flow was nowhere in sight the frustration set in. I had to wake up early on a weekend, drive an hour to have a two minute blood test taken. It took another three days for me to get my prescription due to the holiday weekend.  Seven days of pills were followed by two days of waiting and still I had no signs of aunt flow showing (I always have signs). Now 13 days over-due I have been more anxious than ever to get this show on the road. Time is running low. I have another vacation planned for the 21st that will take me 6 hours away from my husband for 4 days.

Finally this morning I saw red! Like the tricky bi**h she is, I had to wait until late morning before she greeted me with her arrival but I couldn’t be more excited! It is amazing the different emotions that come with a period; relief for some, heart break for others and when you are on a canceled cycle like me; exhilaration.

Trying to be sneaky I didn’t call my office today. I thought I would wait until tomorrow in hopes they wouldn’t have any same-day openings allowing for a Saturday appointment (at .

If all goes well at my baseline I have a week and a half for them to get my dose just right, form some juicy follicles and launch myself into a TWW. Here’s to hoping for a IUI#3. With fresh follicles I am going into this cycle with confidence.


Mama Update:

My mom has called me three days in a row; never for anything other than just to say hi. The first day she brought up the shots, the second nothing and again on the third she asked if I was on my shots. I finally said “no, I told you that, you need to quit asking. If I want to share I will bring it up.” No, not how I wanted the conversation to go but I was just so annoyed by her asking just two days after I told her I didn’t even have my period yet. Today there was no call and I doubt she will call tomorrow either. Only time will tell if she can hold herself back from asking again but here is to hoping.

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6 thoughts on “Aunt Flow…That Sneaky B

  1. loveh3 says:

    I swear we just wrote the same post ! LOL I was 11 days late and magically she decided to show today after I was waiting and waiting to get this cycle started. Wishing you luck : ) & I will be sending prayers for you!

    • jdubbelde13 says:

      Ha too funny! Though stubborn I am happy she decided to corporate for you! Sending you good juju and prayers for a successful cycle this month. I am only a few days ahead so I will be checking in on you 🙂

      • loveh3 says:

        I know, I already started my meds and should be in for an ultrasound to check in on our growing eggies around the 16th or so : )

  2. Us hopefuls says:

    I know all too well about that B, Flow… I always try to stretch out when to go in for my blood test because I know that she’s going to come anyway. My 2nd IUI, I was so eager that I went in right on day 14 and Aunt Flow came the next day… We just did our 3rd IUI so we’ll have to see if that B decides to come… I sure hope not!

    Sending positive thoughts your way for your 3rd IUI 🙂

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