Oh goodness it feels like it has been forever.

My month off is almost over but I have been enjoying what I can of it. Yes, sushi was had and New York brought many drinks! It’s amazing, babies surrounded me this month and yet I didn’t feel as affected by them as I normally would. I have just been focused on enjoying the time off.

Prior to leaving for NYC I got my HSG test out of the way. It was….interesting (don’t worry I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it all since most of you have been through it). The good thing; I received my results on the spot AND (drum roll please)…………I am A OK. My uterus/tubes (or whatever they look at) are perfectly clear. The dye went in and was quickly spilling out the ends. WHEW what a relief.

My husband’s test was a little more comical than mine. Though I am sure he enjoyed my hospital sock selfies his text far outshined mine. He went into the office early on a Monday morning. I received a picture message shortly after arriving at work. A brown leather chair with the wording “no thanks I’ll stand” had me bursting out in laughter. A while later I received confirmation the deposit was made. That evening we were discussing his morning activities (not in fine detail) where he notified me I could have brought him home a cup; Haha OOPs! Why didn’t anyone tell me that? For everything I have gone through I didn’t feel too bad about my oversight; I think it was time for him to get a little uncomfortable AND don’t you have to keep it warm? I live about an hour away from my doctor so if that is the case, again this would not have been plausible.

I left for New York without his results; instead getting a call while walking in the middle of a busy street. I don’t know his numbers but I do know he is considered “average” and perfectly fine. If you ask him he will tell you he is above average housing super sperm but I will go with what the doctor says.

It’s a relief knowing our issues lie solely in my PCOS. We are looking forward to the next month having ruled out what could have called for a stressful journey.

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. carolina647 says:

    I hope you can find the answers you are looking for soon 🙂

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