A Break

It has been a few days; a few crazy days that is!

Work has been non-stop chaotic. Mix in an afternoon doctor’s appointment and my head was spinning.

This cycle is a bust in every aspect. When I went in for my baseline they found 3+ follicles that were measuring at 20+mm (one was 30+ x 20+). They thought it best I sit this one out; essentially hitting the re-start button on my body. This will allow the chance to start fresh with a new cycle and fresh follicles next month. With this being the second time mature follicles have been found in a baseline appointment I asked if what I was seeing is normal. Turns out that is a side effect of the shots. Why they don’t tell you that to begin with I am unsure….but I wish they would.

With the down cycle and the lack of appointments this month I have opted to finally get that dreaded HSG test I have been putting off since starting at my clinic back in January. In addition to my testing my husband will go in on Monday for his analysis. So no, maybe we aren’t able to try this month but we are making strides in figuring out what is happening and why things may not be working. I am nervous for my test but more so for his. I just hope I am the only broken one in this team.

So with that there are a few bright sides to taking a month off.

1) For the first time in almost a year I will have a virtually stress free month! What will I do without the worry and fear that comes with TTC; relax, go out have fun and enjoy not being bloated that’s what!

2) I can go on my vacation next week without limitations! So bring on the coffee, sushi and booze; I am going all out!

3) I can officially buy my bridesmaid dress. Even if next month was THE MONTH I would barely be showing by the wedding date so sizing is no longer a worry. Whew!

And there you have it! I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

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2 thoughts on “A Break

  1. Elisha says:

    There is so much freedom in taking breaks and letting go…even if it is just for a bit. I hope this next cycle brings you refreshment and peace girlie 🙂 xoxo


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