SUSHI & Baseball!

The TWW doesn’t begin until 36 hours post Ovidrel (sp?) right?!?!

Well that is what I am going with. What does that mean? SUSHI TONIGHT! Oh my goodness I am so excited. I haven’t had sushi in months and though I am not banking on my one lonely follicle that “could” produce something (though my 3+ didn’t last time) I am not taking and risks. Most would say that so early on it shouldn’t matter, heck most don’t find out until 4 or 6 weeks in and maintain their bad habits through that time, but you all know as well as I do that when you are spending THOUSANDS on the hope of a baby you are not about to do anything to jeopardize your chances!

So I took my Ovidrel shot yesterday….at 5pm….in my car….while in the fitness center parking lot. Thank goodness no one pulled up next to me until right as I was putting my shot back in the box for proper disposal later! Why not wait until I got home? Again with the risk, I didn’t want to wait because my husband and I wake up at 5am. We are instructed to “get busy” exactly 36 hours following my shot. It could have been worse, on a typical day I would have been riding on a train….but yesterday I had to drive to work and happened to get off early.

We have been pretty lucky this cycle. Everything has gone really fast; from not having to wait for my period to arrive, to getting a good size follicle within my first follicle scan. Additionally, my husband was supposed to go out of town for work. Lucky for us his entire trip fell apart and he doesn’t have to leave town until next week, if at all. He is also leaving town this weekend for a hunting trip, that again was unaffected due to our fast moving cycle. We have remained calm and stress free letting everything fall into place, and it has.

I have even run into a little extra luck beyond my cycle! I have never in my life won anything and while at a networking event yesterday I won tickets to a baseball game, for today. The game was cancelled, due to snow (yes it is snowing here) but will be played tomorrow (still cold but sunny!). Because tomorrow will begin the TWW my husband is taking me out for sushi tonight AND going to the game with me tomorrow. That’s right this girl gets 2 date nights this week! How lucky am I?!

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