It’s Go Time…ALREADY?!

My goodness it has been such a crazy week I haven’t had time to think about writing!

My baseline was last Wednesday where they found two massive follicles (one measuring at almost a 30). I was thoroughly confused to say the least but stayed calm, because why stress over something I can’t control or something that may prove to be nothing. After my blood work I never did receive a call; which meant this cycle was a go (see I would have had no reason to stress). The follicles were simply left over from my last cycle and would go away (they would not produce good eggs). So I started my injections that night at 150iu.

On my Friday morning walk into work I was greeted by a familiar face. My brothers ex-girlfriend (they dated for 5 years). We talked the whole way into work where I learned she was pregnant (of course because who isn’t). She was quick to tell me how scared and unhappy she was about the situation. She kept telling me to be sure I was ready before diving in. Deep down I was thinking to myself, if only you know how lucky you are. It was good to see her again though the conversation was obviously not ideal.

My weekend consisted of a big game of hide the shots. Going up north with family that doesn’t know the extent of your TTC journey, isn’t the most conducive situation when you are mid-treatment and your medication must be stored in a refrigerator. I hid my goods in a downstairs fridge, behind some wine and sparkling water in the door. To my knowledge the camouflage lime green case (insert sarcasm here) was never discovered. Lucky for me everyone was working so hard slipping away to take the shot or keeping them out of the fridge by offering to get them a beverage was made fairly easy. That being said I did spill the beans to one of my family members….my grandma.

After just getting back from the hospital following a Lupus flair-up my grandma was complaining about her weight and how, no matter what she did she could not gain. In passing I made a comment about how I wish that was my case, but rather I can’t seem to lose. She knew right away, asking if it was due to medications. Once I responded yes she asked what for, followed immediately by infertility? BUSTED! That’s ok though. I trust that my grandma isn’t going to tell anyone and I was sure to tell her no one else in the family knew (maybe suspected but didn’t know for sure). We went over what I had been through and where I was at now. It feels good to have someone else know, especially someone who was able to listen, show her sympathy and end it there. I know she is an ear if I need one but she won’t pry.

When we arrived home last night I was greeted by a card from a good friend. She doesn’t know about this cycle but knows my last didn’t take. She is a nurse who’s sister-in-law had just gone through all of this, how could I not tell her?! I am so blessed to have such an amazing and thoughtful friend.


Today I had my cycle day 8 appointment. One thing is for sure, this is not at all like my last cycle. I left the office, again unsure of what was to come next. I needed to wait for my blood work to come back before they could tell me when to come in again and what dose I needed to take tonight. I had 2 large follicles (one at 22 and another at 17) but nothing measurable beyond those two. It was suspected that one of the two was again from last cycle and has yet to dissipate. After receiving my afternoon call I learned I will be taking 150iu tonight followed by my Ovidrel TOMORROW. Holy buckets that was fast!! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this one. I am going from 20 pokes and 9 monitoring appointments to 8 pokes and 1 monitoring session. With so little monitoring and them being unsure whether or not this is an old or new follicle how can I not be a little nervous?!

So, Thursday will start my TWW. I am lucky in that this time I have tons going on to get me through! Work will be busy, Easter, a bridal shower over and I leave for a trip to NYC on May 9th. Wish me luck and send good JUJU my way because I surly good use it! Until then I am sure I will write, unless I get too busy, in any case obviously you will all be updated on the end result.

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