A New Day!

Today is a new day, and a beautiful one at that. I feel lighter (both metaphorically and literally), optimistic and happy.

I can’t change what happened (or didn’t in my case) so why get upset. This cycle was all about progress and I did achieve that! Yes, it stinks that it didn’t happen for us this time but we did get a chance at an actual try; our first real chance since starting our medication induced journey back in August.

I have been off progesterone for a day now and am already feeling myself deflate! My pants are fitting better and my feet comfortably fit into my shoes. I can’t wait to hit the gym and for the first time in weeks not be limited by the pressure and pain in my stomach.

I am hoping with one cycle under our belts the next will be a smooth one. I do plan to make a few changes in the way I handle this cycle. The first change being who I discuss it with; I plan to keep all discussions solely between my husband, and I. Rather than focusing on my cycle, the pokes and numerous doctors appointments, I am hoping to keep my focus on other things; work, eating healthy, working out, spending time with friends/family and upcoming trips. I’m not going to stress or complain about the daily shots, instead I will take them and be thankful for modern medicine because without them I would be a lost cause. Mostly, I will work to be present wherever it is I am, not allowing my mind to wander to what could be nor the what ifs. Life has always been at it’s best when I haven’t been expecting things but rather just living. So I will work to end the expectation; eventually everything will fall into place.

So for the next week I am going to snuggle with this little nugget.


I will go up north and spend a relaxing weekend with my husband, dad, brother, grandma and our gang of dogs.
I will soak up the warm sun, play a ton of cards and go tire the dogs out with daily walks.

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2 thoughts on “A New Day!

  1. Omigah. That dog. Wha??? So. Cute. Want to hug. So glad you have that nugget.

  2. jdubbelde13 says:

    Haha you’re too funny. She is a sweetheart that is for sure!

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