Please Try Again

Going into today I was anxious, nervous and a little excited. Though I didn’t “feel” pregnant I thought maybe….just maybe.

This weekend I began to worry a little. With some spotting starting I wasn’t sure what to think. After consulting doctor google, naturally, my worry was subsided with finding out that when taking the progesterone some spotting is perfectly normal. After all, I can’t really blame my cervix for being upset with me!

Last night my spotting started getting on the heavy side where it changed from that gross brown color to a vibrant shade of red. This morning after my appointment I was greeted by a full flow. Yippie Skippy (sarcasm)!

So I already knew the answer I would inevitably be receiving but had questions for the call. For instance, how could I have gotten my period while still on progesterone? I thought that didn’t come until a few days after stopping…. How is it that I go from not being able to get a period without assistance to getting it when I’m not supposed to have it (go figure right)?!

I finally received my call confirming what deep down I already knew. Of course I am disappointed but I am not devastated (ok maybe a little). It is just another month of the same old doctor’s appointments and shots. So now I go back on Wednesday for my baseline as we plunge into the next cycle. I hope this one doesn’t take 8+ appointments and 20 shots to get through but hey if it will get me pregnant I guess I really can’t complain.

Unfortunately for my husband this means it is his turn to get his reproductive abilities tested.

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One thought on “Please Try Again

  1. dalakes says:

    Aww. So sorry. I know that feeling all too well. I did 7 rounds of clomid and every one of them I thought “This is it! I can feel it!” only to have AF show up and be her bitchy self lol I have been trying since Oct 2008 and we have been happily trying without trying(no treatments) since over a year ago. All of those appts made me so stressed. Now I am trying to get my mind clear to jump into the madness again and try IUI. I really hope it works for you soon!!

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