Meeting Baby A

I am always apprehensive when meeting a baby for the first time. It has nothing to do with my comfort level and everything to do with the mothers that come along with the babies. I blame it all on my aunt. The first time I met my twin cousins I was barely allowed to hold them (despite the 20 year age gap). When I did they were quickly torn away at even the slightest noise. My husband’s cousin re-affirmed my apprehension when she started having little ones. I have never held either of her two girls and interaction with them is limited. In short, I have learned to admire from afar.

On Monday I was working to keep myself busy when I got a message from my aunt; she needed my help (have I mentioned that I work with my aunt? I do.). I walked over to her desk on the other side of the office and saw my cousin, new mommy to baby A, standing there. They came to surprise me; ok they came to see grandma but I like to think they wanted to see me too! Unsure how my cousin was as a mother I just stared at her little 7lb bundle in admiration (ugh what I wouldn’t do to have one of my own right now). She quickly asked if I wanted to hold her; how could I say no. The moment I picked her up she snuggled right in and dozed to sleep (insert melting heart). I was so enamored by her every move, from her attempts to suck her thumb to her covering her face when walking into a bright room. There is no doubt that when I have one hours will be spent staring in awe at the little miracle we tried so hard for, and wanted so badly.

After baby A and mommy left the head of my office walked up to me and commented on how comfortable I looked with the baby. I am so thankful to my cousin for actually letting me hold, interact and fuss over her little one! She is just so precious. Yes, we got a picture together and yes I have been staring at it for days. I do look rather good with a baby, if I may say to myself ;).

Anyway, switching topics; week two of the TWW has been nothing short of brutal (as warned). Tuesday ticked by where there appeared to be no end in sight. Yesterday was the same, and today appears to be no different. Despite my best efforts to busy myself with work, meetings and the gym time seems to be moving at half pace. The pain in my lower abdomen has subsided a little, only to conveniently flare up while working out. Bloating is the same; there is no doubt I am large(r) and in charge at the moment.

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