1 Week To Go….

Thank you for all your well wishes and notes on previous posts. I truly do appreciate and love hearing from you all. I have been trying to respond but for whatever reason it won’t show my responses.

So here we are 1 week to go!

Since my last post time has sped up, not substantially but enough. The hubby and I spent the weekend up north at my grandma’s place with my parents, brother (sister in-law) and uncle. The boys worked on the cabin while the girls cooked, played cards, read, napped and went for walks with the dogs. It was a great weekend.

Knowing this week will inevitably drag by I have worked to prevent what I can. With work meetings, dinner with a friend, lunch with a cousin a few nights spent at the gym, I am hoping this week will be a breeze. I have been keeping myself busy, because when I don’t my mind starts to drift and make plans that simply cannot be made just yet.

Ok, I am a planner it is inevitable, but I try not allowing it to go past the how am I going to tell my husband.

Some people overanalyze their every little symptom, which I have tried not to do in these two weeks. I have a few which I attribute solely to that gosh darn progesterone. Massive bloating is probably the number one however I have had lower abdominal pain pretty much since starting them. I would describe it as more than just a cramp; it almost feels as though someone has a firm hold on my ovaries and is squeezing them with all their might. If I am sitting mobile I can barely feel anything but the minute I get up and move around the pressure is quickly apparent.

Now that we have had our first real try my husband is actually getting really excited for a little one(s). As a matter of fact, he is the one to frequent the topic. If ever my practical (pessimistic) side comes out he is quick to tell me to be a little more hopeful.

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