My Good Luck Charm

Sunday morning my husband and I loaded into the “heavy Chevy” at 7:00am, on our way to my appointment we stopped and grabbed a Starbucks breakfast and then made our way down to the city (most morning I get Starbucks before an appointment I come out with good news).

Never having been to an appointment with me there was some paperwork for the husband to fill out while I waited to be called back.

Upon hearing my name both my husband and I were escorted back to a room. Normally I wouldn’t encourage him to come along but I wanted him to see what I have been going through multiple times a week. The tech left us alone in the room, and like a 5 year old, my husband sat in a chair and started rattling off his thousands of questions. What is this (a light); what do they use it for (to see better); do they put it up there (NO!)?

Finally the nurse and tech came back rescuing me from all the other questions I am sure he had swimming around in his goofy head. We began what would be my longest appointment to date. I was loaded with follicles! It seemed like the counting and measuring was never going to stop! They got done with one side only to move to the other and find even more.

When we were finished I was shocked when the nurse was showing me my chart. Of all the numbers they were rattling off (and feeling certain they would cancel this cycle) there were really only 2 follicles that could produce mature eggs (with a few that may release but nothing that would be mature enough to take). I was instructed to take my ovidrel between 6 and 8 at night. Yes, this is really happening, our first REAL try!

Later that morning received an unexpected call from my doctor to talk about how to proceed (I thought that had already been decided). She expressed that based on my blood work and the number of follicles I am at a heightened risk of multiples and maybe even triplets but she was comfortable moving forward if I was. On Saturday when we discussed me taking the trigger my doctor was certain that none of the follicles would release a mature enough egg had I triggered that night. Really I only had 2 that were measuring above that point when I went back on Sunday so I feel confident that I won’t be the next Octomom, making our decision to proceed an easy one.

Truth be told, we have twins on both my side and my husband’s side of the family. Long before we found out it would be this hard to get pregnant we were prepared with the knowledge that twins could be a very high possibility for us.

Following my appointment I was dropped off at my parent’s house, and guess what!? My mom didn’t bring up babies once! I know she is upset about her fight with her sister over my cousin’s baby, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad had a talk with her about backing off and just not asking (because this is so unlike her!!). I was happy that I didn’t have to explain myself; I’m just not ready for that yet.

Later that afternoon we went to my god-son’s birthday party. It is always terribly awkward as we are the only ones there that aren’t family. I do not get along with the boy’s father and the little boy barely knows who I am (not by my choosing). That aside, there was a little curly blond haired, big blue eyes, chunky boy (around 1) that my husband was growing attached to. I just love watching him interact with little ones; there is nothing sweeter.

Following the party we rushed home so I could take my shot! And so we are off; let the two week wait being! I go back in on the 7th of April for my pregnancy test. This week should go fairly fast as I have quite a bit going on. It is next week that I am sure will drag on!

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2 thoughts on “My Good Luck Charm

  1. Elisha says:

    Praying for you girl! So exciting!!

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