Is It Monday Yet?

Wow what an emotional roller coaster the past day has been!

I got a call later yesterday afternoon instructing me to come in first thing this morning for an additional ultrasound along with more blood work. The only time they could get me in was at 7:15 this morning…yay for waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday to get to the doctor on time!

Following work yesterday I went to my favorite pharmacy (insert sarcasm). While waiting in line for my pickup I noticed this lady sitting in a chair talking loudly to one of the pharmacist. From what I can gather she was trying to get them to give her medication that she did not have prescribed to her. Aside from that I thought maybe she was a perfectly normal human being. She then worked to get my attention. When I politely turned toward her she showed me a card she had planned on getting for her mother. There was a cat on the front. When you opened it up the card made the sound of a cat purring. The purr turned into a choking sound; what do you even say to that? I was relieved when the pharmacist finally called “next.” Needless to say I got out of there as quick as I could!

At my grandma’s birthday dinner there was much baby talk and passing of pictures coupled with tension between my mother and her sister (the baby’s grandma).

This morning I got up bright and early for my appointment. What was one 12 and a few 11s yesterday were now 15s and 14s. Holy smokes those exploded fast! The nurse talked like I may have had to trigger tonight, or tomorrow but all that would be explained when they called later. I was instructed to keep my Sunday appointment just in case they wanted to see me in again.

I went home and took a nice long nap. I was woken up to a phone call from my doctor and her response to my appointment were far less up-beat than my nurse. I won’t go into the frustrating details of the conversation but it came down to; I will be going back in tomorrow where they will inevitably decide whether or not this is a canceled cycle. She told me she was assuming it would be s no go but wanted to check in with me again tomorrow just to be sure.

Part of me is really happy this cycle, maybe not the outcome I had wanted but progress. They played around with the dose and hopefully have a better picture of what we need to do next cycle to make things progress at a more appropriate rate. That being said, I was still fairly crabby following the call.

My mild anger was only enhanced when I was on facebook (gosh darn you facebook) and I saw a girl I went to high school with had her 4th child. She has been caught leaving her children home alone while she goes to the bar….baby monitor in hand. Her other past time consist of leaving her kids in her apartment while she goes to her van to smoke some pot. That not being enough for my mood, I saw a teenage couple at Target while picking up groceries. In addition to the poor parenting and teenage parents tomorrow I get to spend the afternoon with two people that may just send me over the edge. One is expecting her third child and is actually really upset with the gender of the baby (she is so lucky to even be pregnant how…. How does one legitimately get upset about the gender not being what they had hoped for? She already has one boy and one girl). The other is the “friend” I posted about earlier; the one who doesn’t allow me around her children (most of the time) because I am not a mother myself.

So wish me luck….and sanity I will need it just to get through this weekend!

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One thought on “Is It Monday Yet?

  1. Elisha says:

    Praying for you girlie! I know it has to be tough :/

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