Freaking Out

I have another ultrasound tomorrow. From what I have been told this could be the make or break of my cycle. Either they will have upped my dose too fast causing me to cancel my cycle or I would be progressing as hoped.

Tonight I went to take my shot and as I had feared I ran out before my full dose was in. To be honest, I ran out before even half my dose was in. I latterly got one little squeeze before it stopped. What the heck do I do? I hope this doesn’t completely ruin my cycle!

Has anyone ran out of their meds before an appointment?

I will let you know what the doctor says tomorrow….

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2 thoughts on “Freaking Out

  1. Elisha says:

    I barely had enough once but it turned out okay. Okay as in the cycle was not canceled but no pregnancy

  2. jdubbelde13 says:

    You were right all came out ok :). The nurse seemed concerned at first but they actually lowered my dose by 100iu’s so missing the one day may have been for the best. Whew! Someone was looking out for me today.

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