My Not so Great Weekend

It was almost as if Friday afternoon was a set up for the looming weekend ahead of me.

Friday seemed to be a great day it was Pi day after all, and at my work that means amazing pies being served at 3:14pm; Saturday hockey tickets had become available and I got my boss to agree to let me purchase them for personal use (super cheap), if no partner could find a client to attend the game with; and I got to leave early, so to avoid over time.

Once I boarded my train to head home an email came through, someone just happen to have a big client that asked specifically for tickets to that exact hockey game (it must be nice to be that big of a deal where you can just email people that you are coming in town, want tickets, and have them handed to you for free). So the tickets were gone; and so began my disappointing weekend.

I got a call from my hubby on the way home, he was already leaving for his weekend fishing trip. I wouldn’t get to see him at all before he left, which accelerated my disappointment. Normally I wouldn’t mind but the night before he was asleep before I got home and I felt like I had so much to catch him up on.

In hopes of turning my quickly souring mood around I headed to the outlet mall with a great coupon in hand for Banana Republic. I managed to save $210 while only spending $99 (yup I have that store figured out!!). Ok, so maybe my weekend was looking up!

I set my alarm from 7:00am to make it to my weekend doctor’s appointment. I got lucky in that, though my alarm didn’t go off, I woke up with 15 minutes to spare before I had to leave my house for the appointment. On the way there something flew up and hit the front of my car, I still haven’t looked to see if any damage was incurred (sometimes it’s just better not knowing…). When I arrived, they kept asking my name and shuffling their paperwork around. I guess the girl who scheduled my appointment accidently scheduled me for 7am though I had 8:45 on my calendar and the form they give me (which I did not have with) said 8:45. The front desk lady was pretty rude but assured me I could get in (after my last two visits I swear they must not like me or something).

A few minutes later I was being escorted back, by my least favorite tech. I don’t know how the heck she could see anything with the ultrasound machine she was using. You could tell she was struggling to measure things as everything was blurry and unclear. I do have one follicle measuring at 12mm with only a few close behind, all on my left side. So with that comes another appointment.

I am scheduled to go back on Tuesday, and of course they couldn’t get me in right away in the morning nor during a normal lunch hour so I have yet another excuse to make to work. With my boss already asking questions, this is getting really hard.

This will make my 12th day of shots with them taking my blood about every other day. I am beginning to feel like a human push pin! At the rate I am going I am hoping I can trigger Friday. I am curious to know if there is a cut off. As in, you must have mature follicles by this cycle day or we will have to try again. I sure hope not!

In my last ditch effort to make my weekend just a little better I baked cookies last night (I am a superb bakers, or so I am told). Turns out, as much as I love crasins, they are not good in cookies. Crasin, white chocolate, oatmeal cookies will never appear in my house again.

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