Another Day, Another Appointment, Another Poke

What a morning it was!

So many of the people I follow chronicle their waiting room observations but aside from a quick glance I have never sat down long enough to really take in my surroundings…until this morning.

With traffic being so unpredictable from day to day I arrived to the office a whopping hour early. I sat in my car for 15 minutes, since they weren’t open yet, and then walked into the clinic hoping they would scoot me in early. I am not quite sure what the deal was but 8 (my appointment time) came and went and I was still left sitting there.

It is funny to me that no one in the waiting room will look at one another. The seats are arranged in a warm and comforting conversational way but no one says a word. We are all there for the same reasons and yet the floor or a phone is the place we all choose to look. Clearly anxious, most of those waiting could be caught in a wide eyed stare with a shaking foot or twitching hands. If eye contact is made I tend to give a brief smile of acknowledgement, as if to say I feel your pain, but most remain straight faced (not that I can blame them) and quickly avert their eyes.

Finally I was called back by my favorite tech where I sat in the room another 15 minutes before they came back to start my ultrasound. All went well (I think). Still not up to where I need to be but progress is being made. I have numerous follicles reading as 10 with a few at 8 and 9. My tech seemed excited about my progress and was chipper when she told the nurse to be sure, though not where I need to be yet, to put in my chart how much I have progressed in two days. The nurse explained that as it is I am sitting on too many follicles growing at the same rate. So what does this mean? They could lower my dose in hopes that only a few will continue to grow (pending blood work) or if too many grow my cycle will be canceled (Ugh wouldn’t that be a bummer!).

I was sent back out to the lobby to make another appointment for Saturday (yay a weekend no excuses to work!!) and to wait for a blood test.

While back in the waiting room I was surrounded by a few couples along with a few solo women. The couples were holding one another’s hands as if their lives depended on it and little to no conversation was being exchanged. One women was sobbing when she walked into the waiting area. I can’t imagine what she is going through! (Was she just told that she wasn’t going to be able to have children…ever? Did she just take a test only to find another negative?) I felt so bad for her.

I was finally called back for my blood work and was out the door a mere 2 hours after arriving (oy!).

So Saturday it is. They will call me today, once my doctor reviews my chart, to let me know if I need to back off on my injection dose.

So there you have it. Tonight I am going to dinner at a new restaurant with a good friend, so though my morning was a bit of a roller coaster today is a good day.

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3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Appointment, Another Poke

  1. Gotta love the waiting rooms. :S

  2. loveh3 says:

    Luckily my RE schedules only a few patients a day to give better time in between. I’ve only actually been in the waiting room twice and been with other people. And once was on procedure day and she was doing the pee dance all around the room! Lol

  3. ksquared0710 says:

    Waiting rooms can be rough. Glad your nurses are excited. Sounds like good news!

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