This attempt has been full of firsts for us! I went to my CD 3 baseline appointment smack dab in the middle of an already crazy work day/week. Following my appointment I was directed to a pharmacy on a shady part of town to fill my prescriptions.

Up to this point my insurance coverage has been great, with that being said I knew it eventually the ball would drop…and it finally did. When I went back to pick up my shots, needle canister and progesterone suppositories I was shocked to hear my total came to a whopping $900. I asked what was covered and what was not, swiped my card and bolted. I figured I could work with them and my insurance company over the phone just to be sure there isn’t additional steps I need to make to get coverage, mostly I just wanted to get the heck out of there.

I called my husband, who was working out of town, on my ride home to let him know the damage. He was surprisingly really supportive.

When I finally got home it was go time! I looked at the manual on how to load my pen for the shots, just to be sure I didn’t miss anything in the nurses explanation. Following the, oh so typical (insert sarcasm here) first shot, wish me luck, eeek, picture (sent to husband, med school brother and nurse friend) I was off. I did it before I could even think about it and I must say, not that bad. Yes, it stings a little but not as bad as I had expected. The first time was out of the way so I knew I would be good to go moving forward.

After completing my first shot I called my brother in a panic. What do I do with the needle? I know I shouldn’t re-use the needle but if I take it off the “cartridge” of remaining medicine will it leek out everywhere (I paid too much money for this stuff to lose even a drop!)? After a good laugh it was determined that yes, the needle does come off and no the cartridge will not leak…thank goodness for smart brothers.

Over the weekend my husband, trying to be supportive, offered to give me my shot. Once I showed him the needle he turned ghostly white (he is notorious for passing out from as little as a doctor’s office finger prick). He Insistent he could do it after he saw me do it once so he watched. The next night I asked him again if he would like to give it a go. I laid down only to have him freak out again, so yet again I gave myself the shot. It has since been determined that he cannot handle the shots and I will be administering them myself.

Today was my CD8 follicle ultrasound. Up to this point I have never had a chartable follicle. I walked into the office, early for once, and waited for the scan. I was happy to see my favorite technician and nurse come into the room. During the ultrasound I watched the screen and finally found where the measurements popped up; I only wish I had noticed it before. No, I do not have any big enough to require a trigger shot but I am getting close. For the first time in my journey I am showing progress and that is all I wanted in this visit!!

I will be going back on Thursday for an additional check-up and progress report. Until then I have at least 2 more nights of shots. I hope to keep the progress going and make this the first cycle that we actually stand a chance with. Even if things don’t work out I am ecstatic that we are finally on the right track!

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2 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Congrats! Glad to hear things are looking up… and the husband chickening out from giving needles seems to be a common occurrence. 🙂

  2. jdubbelde13 says:

    I am glad my husband isn’t the only wuss out there. Last night I did the poking and made him press the back to inject my medication (that way he could say he did it).

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