I’m Over Today…

CD 14 | Doctors Appointment #2

My day is already off to a great start (insert sarcasm here) and it is only 9am.

Last night we were hit with 9+ inches of snow making my drive to the doctor this morning just a blast! To make it to my 8:00 appointment I had to leave my house by 6am. I didn’t hit above 25mph and if the thought of tapping the breaks crossed my mind I was quickly reassured that such action would land me spinning into a ditch; it was an ice rink out there!

I actually arrived to my clinic in a timely manner, considering the circumstances. Thank goodness for all of the radio and news casters advising people to stay off the roads unless absolutely needed. (An infertility appointment is considered an emergency right?).

I was surprised when they called my name just minutes after being seated (if there is one thing I love about my clinic it is how quick they get you in and out!!). My appointment only lasted about 5 minutes. I have never had been in and out so fast. The appointment literally went as follows: in, center, measure, right, left and out. The nurse informed me there was still no progress and that I should plan to come back on Monday, unless otherwise instructed. If my doctor (who I haven’t actually seen since my initial consultation) sees my chart and decides it isn’t worth me coming back in I will be informed by a nurse before 3 today. So that is…..neat.

When I walked back to the lobby to make my Monday appointment there computer system was down. So they will be calling me later today.

I drove to work and when I got in I was greeted by the ceiling two cubes over plummeting onto a desk. There was a leak in the roof taking out the strip of lights over my desk and sending a heavy stream of water into said cube. Since then I have been listening to the sounds of loud shop vacs outside of my workspace and people banging on the roof trying to break up the ice.

Once booting up my computer I was greeted with an email stating the proposal I had spent hours preparing that was to go out today, would in fact not be sent out at all. The work has been deemed too small for the Firm. So the only other reason I came down town today (to get it out the door) was a bust.

It is too early for a drink? I am only kidding but I would do just about anything for one right now!



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One thought on “I’m Over Today…

  1. Elisha says:

    Fertility appointments ARE an emergency! My friend had the “baby batter” (hubby’s sperm) nestled in between her boobs once to keep them warm and got pulled over by a cop because she was speeding to get to the clinic. He found out what she was doing and escorted her there 🙂 NICE!


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