The Size Struggle

I don’t know if it is privacy or pride that keeps me from telling others about our infertility struggles. With that being said, I have been pretty select in who knows what my husband and I have been dealing with. A brother, few friends, cousin and aunt all know for various reasons but I am not really willing and ready to tell anyone outside of that group yet. Eventually my parents will know…just not right now.

So I have been asked to be a bridesmaid in a good friend’s wedding come November. I of course agreed with the thought that I may be pregnant lingering in the back of my head.

She is now trying to organize a time for all 7 of us bridesmaids to go shopping and get sized so the dresses can be ordered…SOON.

Having once been in the bridal business I know how all this works. All dresses need to be purchased at one time so they come off the same cut of fabric. Production takes about 12 weeks and then you need time for alterations. I don’t blame her for wanting to check this off her list but I need more time!

Doing the math (like I love to do) if this cycle was the one I would be a whopping 9 months pregnant on her big day (weeks away from being due). If it didn’t work this cycle I could be anywhere in between. I don’t want to purchase a dress in my current size only to have to return it for a larger size, swallowing that 30% restocking fee they charge. At the same rate, I don’t want to purchase a dress way to large with the intent of it fitting only to be the size I am now. The alterations would not only be super expensive but the likeliness of them taking it down and making it look good would be pretty slim.

Here I am, faced with the fact that I have yet another person to explain my situation to. I don’t want to but of all my friends who don’t already know I believe she would be the most sympathetic and understanding. I am hoping she will agree to hang on to the sizes for a few months yet before actually ordering the dresses giving me a little more time to sort out the logistics and close the gap on the possible size of my stomach.

Maybe I am worrying for nothing but I will keep you posted as to what happens!

On another note,

My husband teaches a few night classes with a co-worker as a side job. Last night he had to teach alone as his co-worked rushed to the hospital to be with his wife. I was shocked when I learned she was pregnant….and didn’t know it. In typical boy fashion details were limited, and often incorrect.
“She went into labor early” – H
“How are along was she” – Me
“Not very, she took a test last week that said it was negative then at the hospital today and it was positive.” – H

Regardless of the details, I feel so bad for them. From what I can gather she was only weeks pregnant. She went in for stomach pain and some bleeding which would lead me to suspect she was suffering a miscarriage. I pray that isn’t the case. Why does bad stuff always happen to the good people?

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