Hormonal Mess

My poor husband, I have two days left of progesterone and my mood swings show no signs of slowing down. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING annoys me at this point.

Saturday morning I woke up in what I thought was an ok mood. No, I was not happy to be awake but it was the weekend so how crabby could I really be? My husband was nowhere to be found so I decide to get up and go in for my Saturday morning workout. After showing up a while after I got home from the gym we start pulling together a grocery list (insert husband complaints here).

I was already peeved at his many complaints about going to the store when we arrived. While walking through he wouldn’t let me see our list so we were missing things everywhere, having to go back down isles, taking more time than needed. Once we reach the checkout, my least favorite part, my husband’s eyes are glued to the screen as he makes all kinds of noises and terrified faces. I am about to go off the deep end at this point, nothing annoys me more (especially when I am PMSing) than when he complains about spending money on things we need….like food.

We arrive home and I single handedly put all the groceries away while he hides out in his garage. I love my husband but when I am in that crappy of a mood the best thing for me is to be alone.

When he resurfaces a few hours later he has big ideas about new truck tires. I should probably let you all know he bought a new truck last May so he does not NEED new tiers, only wants them to make his truck look more “bitchin’.” So we can’t afford food for the table but you are more than willing to spend money on tires and sweet chrome rims with big tires?

The next morning he wakes me up for a warm breakfast of sausage and pancakes (he was trying so hard), but I could hardly eat as I was so annoyed with him slurping his coffee and pulling his fork out of his mouth with his teeth.

I think you are getting the point…..

I apologized multiple times for my crummy mood. I let him know it was pill induced and I was likely to snap at any little thing. At, least I have the decency to give him a heads up right?!

They say working out releases positive endorphins making you happier but I am not yet convinced. I have worked out Saturday – Monday and plan to hit the gym for a run tonight….I have yet to see my mood shift.

Two more progesterone pills and I should have my period within the next five days, then off to the specialist for an ultrasound and prescription fill. Wish me luck!

Oh and Anabea1 | http://mydinkishlife.wordpress.com/ I am not ignoring your nomination. Thank you! Your questions are really hard but I will get around to answering them one of these days 



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