Visit 1 With an Infertility Specialist

When I called for my first appointment with an infertility specialist I was given little detail aside from the typical bring this, fill out that and expect your appointment to be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. With an appointment that long you would think there were a lot of questions, maybe testing involved. I was quite surprised to find neither.

I walked into the lobby for my first appointment and was relieved to see an office with style, truly embracing their clientele with a modern, feminine interior! I don’t know about you but I find nothing worse than going to a doctor’s office with stale waiting room. I was greeted by a stylish, chipper receptionist who made me feel perfectly ok with being there.

Though a busy waiting room, my doctor walked right up to me and introduced herself before taking me to her office for our first consultation.

I had my records sent over from my OBGYN so I didn’t have to rehash my medical history with her (what a relief).
She started with the question I hate the most, “well what were you thinking you wanted to do.” So here is how I see it, am I not coming to you for guidance and advice? Should you not show me my options and make recommendations prior to asking me what I would like to do? Doctors always tell you to never GOOGLE but then act like you should know all of your options. I will never understand!


I alluded to the above so we discussed the fact that my body had no reaction to the Clomid I had been taking. She said we could up my dose to 200mg and see if that helps; but talks of Clomid were quickly brushed aside with a swift “if you are just feeling over Clomid and would like to move on….” It was then that the subject switched to Famera (Letrazole). Similar to Clomid I would be taking these pills starting on cycle day 3 (I think). I would go in for ultrasounds which would monitor my follicle progress (nothing new). If things were progressing as they should I would give myself a trigger shot, go in for more ultrasounds and have timed intercourse.

I am not limited to the number of times I can take this like I was with Clomid but we decided we would limit it to three. If things don’t happen in three tries we will be moving on to yet another option.

In addition to my new prescription I will be getting a HSG test to check that my tubes aren’t blocked. Insurance will cover it and if the 3 tries don’t work I would have to get one anyway; mine as well get it out of the way right?

In total my doctor’s appointment lasted less than a half hour. I was out the door with orders to take progesterone and call to schedule an ultrasound on the first days of my cycle. The details are murky to me at this point but I have no doubt they will hash themselves out once I get into the cycle….now what to tell work for all of those appointments I will need to go in for in a matter of a week or two.

So there you have it, that was my first appointment with an infertility specialist. It wasn’t all great but it wasn’t all bad either. I was elated to find out that I will in fact have kids someday; it’s just a matter of finding the right cocktail of medication to get my body moving. I was also informed that I have good insurance. What that means I am not sure, but so far it has covered everything, I am sure the true test as to its worth will come if I reach the later stages of infertility treatments but here’s to praying it doesn’t come to that.

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