Please Try Again…

Results are in and as suspect I was greeted with that Not Pregnant I have come to expect.

Later yesterday evening I informed my husband of the news. He was disappointed, saying “but I tried really hard this time, I really did.” Haha oh dear!

We then discussed the disheartening message that constantly scrolls across the screen. I can’t lie I may pay a little more for a test that has some better commentary at this point. My husband suggested they just write out a big FAIL because that’s what it feels like anyway. I thought maybe more of the Magic 8 Ball feel…better luck next time, please try again or swim harder; oh the list could go on and on.

I’m not devastated, and even if I was I wouldn’t be able to tell since I have been so swamped with work. This weekend is a busy one, into another busy work week then off to Denver on Thursday for work followed by play.

I called in my progesterone but don’t plan to take it until after I have spoken with a specialist (my first appointment is the 28th). Though you could deflate me with a pin poke, I would hate to be starting my cycle and have to sit out another month because the timing didn’t match up with whatever comes next for me.

When I initially made my appointment my mind was consumed with the anxiety and what-ifs but the closer it gets the less stress I feel. I am still early in my journey and there are multiple options for me at this point. I only hope for my sanity something takes, and soon.

True to my New Year’s “resolution” if that is what you want to call my 2014 outlook, my husband and I have been LIVING! We went to see a movie last weekend, are going to a concert this weekend, dinner with friends, then off to Denver for another fun weekend. We settled on a hockey game we plan to attend and it looks like spring will bring a trip to New York. No doubt this year will be full of family, friends and fun…and hopefully a bump. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…one day at a time.

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