A New Years Eve Heart to Heart

Already making strides at a better new year my husband and I decided to deviate from our usual tradition of doing nothing to go visit some friends we haven’t seen since September.

Through the evening the ladies partook in some light conversation and in typical women fashion, some venting, while the boys sat on a couch in the basement watching sports and BSing.

It wasn’t until later that evening when one of them pulled me aside to let me know she had been thinking of me. She knew we had been trying and knew things weren’t working (as made evident by my lack of a stomach and beer in hand). I covered the basics; because I have PCOS I don’t ovulate which makes conceiving naturally impossible. I have been put on a cocktail of medications none of which seem to be having any effect on my body and have to wait until late January before I can get in to see an infertility specialist where we will learn about our next steps.

I was heartbroken when she shared they were experiencing the same issues. I expected this to happen to me, because this is just how my life works, but I ache for the others who have to deal with it.

They are still in the early stages of trying. She hasn’t consulted her OBGYN to learn of more steps they could be taking but is aware that her cycles are all out of whack. She has taken the past few months to track everything so when she does finally make that visit she is prepared.

It is comforting knowing that someone within our group of friends can relate with my situation. I finally have someone I can talk with who actually understands how I feel vs. my friends and family who either had no problem conceiving or don’t care to try any time soon.

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