Right On Time

If you have been keeping up you will know my mom once knew we were trying and has since been lied to. Her current belief is that we will be waiting until after the “holidays” before giving it another go. She has no idea about the additional two failed Clomid attempts and the appointment with the specialist at the end of January.

Since the lie she has been tip-toeing around the baby topic, never asking questions and quickly changing the subject when babies are brought up. During our weekly phone call yesterday out of the blue she asked. “Have you been to the doctor lately?” “Do you have an appointment set up to go back in?” “When are you going to start trying again?” “You know the holidays are over right.”

So let the lies continue….

I got lucky really. I am a planner so naturally I already had my answer thought up.

“Yea mom that was the plan, unfortunately (insert husbands name here) has done the math and if fully aware we are coming into prime hunting season. If I were to get pregnant now or within the next few months I risk not having an attentive husband/father.”

To some this may not be believable but if there is one thing that is obvious, it’s that nothing gets in the way of my husband and his hunting (or fishing). This passion of his is something I have always catered to (down to our wedding date….and sadly decor).

I continued to justify my lie by pointing out one of my best friends is getting married in November. Who wants to be super pregnant at their best friend’s wedding…or just having had a kid? Not this girl (ok secretly this girl but for the sake of my lie I am ok playing the part)!

To keep our stories straight I told my husband about the conversation. We got a good laugh and have already concocted our responses if she tries to give either of us further grief.

So I have just bought myself a few more months. With my husband’s biggest passion being deer hunting, which carves two weeks out of every November, I have bought myself until about March or April. I am hoping we can get another try (maybe two) in there before we have to fess up to our lies.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if whatever they put me on next worked right away and I could say we aren’t trying anymore (really freak her out) because we are….

A girl can dream can’t she?!

Happy New Year everyone! Hoping 2014 is an amazing one for each and every person reading this!

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