The Great Work Debate

I figured I should address my job situation following my last post. I don’t want you all to think I cry at the thought of going to work every day.

It’s not that I hate my job as a whole, just the day to day tasks I perform.

Prior to working at my current job I put my heart and soul into the retail store I managed. It was fun and I had a true passion for what I was doing. As head buyer and marketing manager my creativity held no boundaries. But like everything all good things must come to an end. I was quickly squeezed out when the owner decided to transform the company into a strictly family run business. Once I was training in her 35 year old son and his wife to be my boss’ it quickly became apparent I was over worked, underappreciated and under paid! No doubt it was time to jump ship.

So here I am. I work for an accounting firm whose idea of marketing is pulling together dry proposal after dry proposal. The most creative I get is when I am lucky enough to go set up a booth for a trade show, but again I am limited to whatever supplies I am given. Far from my dream career, I often ask myself why I stay.

So here you have it…..

The job itself doesn’t do anything for me but the company is amazing! I work for people who appreciate what I do for them. I am able to work a flexible schedule, have 4 weeks of PTO a year and can take off any day I need (without question).The company truly goes above and beyond to make their employees happy! Because the main focus of the Firm is accounting, not marketing, I find my job to be virtually stress-less. I go to work, do what needs to be done and go home where I can then put all thoughts of work aside and really relax.

If that’s not reason enough to stay; bring on the mom flexibility. Each birth brings a 12 week leave. Many of the mothers are given summer’s off completely. Some of the moms work part time and others work from home a few days a week. I haven’t been around much but I know this flexibility and understanding is hard to come by.

Really it comes down to this….

I have never strived to be a stay at home mom until our struggle to conceive began. Currently both my husband and I spend 12 hours a day away from home. I just can’t grasp the thought of going through all this work to essentially have someone else raise our child. No, I don’t plan to not work at all but why launch myself into a new job when the future at this point is so murky.

So I have given myself another year. If my future doesn’t clear up a little over the next year I will look for something new. Something I can love and throw all my energy into. Until then I am content where I am at….the stress free, easy going job that pays pretty ok.

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