Christmas Already?

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year…it should…. but it doesn’t.

I could try to blame it on the weather but with freezing cold temperatures and a beautiful blanket of snow I can’t say that’s it. Maybe it’s all the family drama that has gone down over the past month, the late thanksgiving or the wonky seasons that have made the year fly. I haven’t watched my favorite holiday movies nor have I listened to Christmas music. Decorating was more of a hassle than fun (which I normally find it). To be quite honest the only part I have enjoyed has been the baking…but I do that all the time anyway!

Don’t get me wrong, I am ready. All my gifts are purchased, wrapped and under the tree. Festivities will kick off tonight when my husband and I exchange gifts while watching movies and eating sushi. The next two days bring family and tons of food.

So what is it….

Maybe it’s the disappointment that I don’t have exciting news to share or the fact that there are no little kids in the family to bring magic back to the day.
Maybe it’s the stress that always comes with family holidays and conflicting personalities.
It could be the anxiety of waiting for my big appointment that is still over a month away.
Or maybe even the fear of people asking when we are going to start trying to have kids.
Whatever it is I hope things turn around!

I am on the last day of my Clomid. Though I expect nothing; a Christmas miracle would make for a pretty stellar story! 

I am hoping all of you have a great Holiday!

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