More set backs

I called my doctor the other day for multiple reasons. 1) I am out of Metformin 2) they didn’t prescribe my estrogen supplement with my Clomid (I thought I needed it) and 3) to ask why I was prescribe the same dose of Clomid if my body didn’t react to it last time.

My doctor was the one who ended up calling me back. We went through my questions. Yes, more Metformin was on its way. Yes, I would need those estrogen supplements, not sure how they were overlooked last time but they too would be waiting at my pharmacy. As far as the Clomid, I am at my maximum dose of 150mg. She made it sound like I had requested the refill knowing my next options. She mentioned a different medication I could be taking and asked if I remembered the conversation we had about it, I didn’t remember the conversation because the conversation didn’t happen. So we had the talk right then and discussed options. She agreed that if I were to take the Clomid they prescribed, like last time, my body would most likely not respond. She suggested I go see an Infertility Specialist.

I called the office I was referred to and the earliest they could get me in was the 28th of January; oh goodie…more waiting. I have the Clomid they had prescribed to me that I would have been starting in just days. Because I have to wait anyway I figure I will take it; what will it hurt? I am fully aware the likeliness of it working is slim to none but maybe god will grant me a Christmas miracle and if not, well then I go to my appointment as scheduled.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared for this next step. I am scared insurance won’t cover any part of the specialist or whatever they do to try and help. I am scared that like so many others things still won’t work and those bills will pile up in a hurry. Most of all I am scared they will tell me it isn’t going to happen for us. I am trying to stay positive but the 28th can’t come soon enough!

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