A Recap

So if this blog has thoroughly confused you I apologies. Looking back, I would be confused to. I have been all over the board starting with try three, skipping back to try one and two with some inserts here and there and now onto try 4. Since I have you all caught up on my back story I figured I would do a quick re-cap for you and promise moving forward posts will come to you as things are happening.

So here we go….

December 2012, without saying the words my husband and I throw caution to the wind and stop protecting against kids; we would be happy with them but were just fine without.

April 2013, after a push from my general physician I visit an OBGYN after being 7 months period free. Following numerous tests I was diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed, progesterone (to induce a period) and Metformin (for insulin sensitivity).

June 2013 is when I gave my husband “The Talk.” We discussed the fact that this wasn’t going to be easy and if children are something we want we would have to be proactive, pull off the band-aide and go for it.

July 2013 is when I pushed a little harder for a time frame. If he wanted to wait another year or so that was fine I just wanted to know. …if you aren’t constantly bringing things to my husband’s attention they will quickly be forgotten.

August 2013 after much discussion we decided to make a go of it. After being prescribed Clomid try 1 was underway. 5 days following my last Clomid pill appendicitis got the best of me and I was down for the count. As if I wasn’t already down on my luck, my discharge nurse started blurting out my ever prescription to those in my room (husband and mom), inevitably revealing we were trying to my mother.

September 2013 brought on try 2 and added stress. With try one being a big fail and my mom knowing we were trying, try two was greeted with daily phone calls. When I went in for my first ultrasound, sure I had ovulated (because the test had said so), I was shocked to find out I had not and would not be ovulating this time. Try two was a bust. Between my devastation and the added pressure from my mom I finally ended up telling her we were going to hold off until after the holidays, I would get my body healthy again and give our last round of Clomid the best chance possible..yup I lied.

November 2013 brought on try 3. Maxing out on the allotted Clomid dose I was sure things would take this time. Third time would no doubt be the charm. Guess what; try three was far from a charm. Again, my body had no reaction to the and therefore ovulation was not in my near future.

December 2013 brings on try 4 and more drama…to be posted soon. (Though written, internet at my house is down)

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