Take Two – September

With the first try a mess I was ready for take 2. I had learned that my LH surge would not last the two days I had anticipated. I knew when things would happen and what needed to be done in what time frames. With my mom calling every day asking where I was in my cycle and what pill I was on, this try was a stressful one. Less than cocky this time around I was remained hopeful and eager. This was going to be it. It was perfect timing too. With the holidays coming up I could surprise my parents with a little added Christmas news, everything would work out perfectly.

As you can tell I tend to get ahead of myself.

This time I went in for a follicle scan (ultrasound). You are supposed to have a follicle scan starting on cycle 11 and again every-other day until you ovulate (side note: who has time for that? And what the heck do you tell work?). I set up my appointment (a Monday morning this time) and headed into the doctor. My ovulation kit showed I had a surge just days prior. No, I wasn’t expecting to walk in and have them tell me I was days pregnant, I am more practical than that, but I also wasn’t expecting the news I got.

My ultrasound technician was silent through the appointment (I hate that). When she finished she let me know that my follicles were nowhere near maturity. When asked what that meant she was hesitant to talk further. I understand she would rather my doctor give me the news but you have to give someone more than just that. She filled me in that without mature follicles ovulation can’t happen. Now I was really confused. But my test had shown a surge, how is it possible? I walked out of my appointment with more questions than answers and I would have to wait for my doctor to call.

Naturally I went home and hopped on Google. I learned all sorts of fun facts. Because Clomid is pumping a hormone into your body your ovulation kit will read that you are surging long before you actually do. Contrary to what the package says, you should actually start the tests on cycle day 12 or 13 if you are taking Clomid to prevent false positives.

My doctor called the next day and laid everything out. I did not have mature follicles nor did it appear that I ever would. Further scans would be a waste of my time and money. I had not ovulated and was far from pregnant. As if that news wasn’t enough she let me know that the Clomid was thinning out my uterus lining. So even if I were, by some miracle, going to ovulate the likeliness of the egg attaching would be slim. I would have to wait until cycle day 30, take a pregnancy test and call with the results. If negative the cycle would start over… 10 days of progesterone followed by 5 days of Clomid (an upped dose) and now an additional 10+ days of estrogen supplements to thicken up my uterus lining.

So take 2 wasn’t just a fail but a big fail. It was after the call that I had, for the first time in this process felt defeated. Not only did I have to express my disappointment to my husband but also my mother which made things all the harder. I had one more crack at the Clomid game and stress was reaching a new high.

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