Test Day #3

I figured I would take a break from getting you up to speed to share today’s events.

In the last conversation with my doctor I was instructed to take a pregnancy test on cycle day 30, unless I received my period. If the test proved to be negative I was to call and they would get my progesterone prescription refilled right away. For me, that is one of the most frustrating parts…the waiting. Because I don’t ovulate I have hopped on the every-other-month plan. And I think those who are trying or have struggled with fertility in the past can relate that when things fail, you want to get back on that horse (or so the saying goes) as soon as possible.

So today, cycle day 30, I called to let them know I was faced with the message I inevitably knew would flash across that tiny screen, “Not Pregnant.” This past try was my 3rd cycle of Clomid and in my initial appointment I was told I only get three tries before we would need to move on to something else. Unsure of where we would go from here I was surprised to hear the nurse say both my progesterone and Clomid prescriptions would be waiting for me at my pharmacy. The only conclusion I have been able to make is that because I had my appendix taken out so shortly after my first try, they didn’t count it. When I went to pick up my prescriptions  I couldn’t help but notice the dose was the same as last time. If things weren’t progressing last time why would they this time? I have so many questions for my doctor. In addition to my Clomid confusion I was not re-prescribed my estrogen supplement that helps keep my uterus healthy (because otherwise the Clomid thins it out). I will have to keep you posted on what she says…. 

So here I am again. Clomid cycle 4. I am off to take 10 days of progesterone, wait 2 days for a period, period for 7 days and take Clomid cycle days 5-9. My next attempt won’t be until mid-January.

I am actually starting to calm down and embrace this whole “trying” thing (for now). I feel like half my urgency was in timing. I so badly wanted to be able to share that exciting news with my family around the holidays. They would never see it coming. Because we don’t live close finding a good excuse to get together would surly spark suspicions. But, it is what it is, this decision is out of my hands, it will happen and when it does I will be able to appreciate it more than many.

So aside from my continuous pill popping I will be taking it easy over the next few months, just enjoying the holidays, doing a little traveling oh and eating some sushi!


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