The First Attempt

My mom was placed on Clomid while trying to conceive her first child. I always made fun of her, stating how urgent and un-romantic it must have been. That being said, she did something right, getting pregnant her first round on a low dose. A second brother followed shortly after the first (naturally) and then me. So when I heard I was to go on Clomid to help things along I assumed I would be the same way. I walked into the situation with a cocky attitude of well this will be easy. Much to my surprise that was not the case.

That first try I did everything right…or so I had intended to…

I took my 10 days of progesterone to induce my period, followed by 5 days of Clomid starting on cycle day 5. Following my completion of Clomid I started my ovulation tests. I was excited and surprised to see that smiley face scrolled across my monitor…I had 12-24 hours to get busy. Based on the side of the box I had anticipated getting a smiley face the following morning as well and went into panic mode when I didn’t. We had let 24 hours slip through our hands. We tired that day just in case luck was on our side.

Exactly four days later I found myself in the ER with a pain on my lower right side. Fearing something went wrong and hoping I was not just ovulating we sat through a 3 hour wait. On our way out the door my name was finally called. Thinking things on the other side of those doors would go faster we opted for a room. Several hours and multiple tests (blood, pelvic, CAT scan) later it was determined I had appendicitis. I was rushed by ambulance down to a hospital at 3am and was in surgery shortly thereafter…what luck huh?

We won’t go into the details of that nightmare that was the day/night/morning but I did quickly learn that there was no baby in there. Try one was a fail.

As I was sitting in discharge with my mom and husband my nurse was gracious enough to peer through my records and ask how long I had been taking Clomid. I have never been so mad! My mom, who has wanted grand kids since I was in high school and still has none (keep in mind I am the youngest), was not told we were trying; in fact I was doing everything in my power to make sure she didn’t know and thought we were waiting another year. A smile was quickly smeared across her face. This was the news she had been waiting years to hear. Knowing my mother, and though I love her dearly, this second try was going to be far more stressful than the first with her new knowledge.

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One thought on “The First Attempt

  1. Admin says:

    Please remain patient and keep trying, whatever you do, it is correct. Hopefully you will healthy soon.

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