The Beginning

So now that I have told you where I currently am standing, I should probably give you some of my back-story.

I can trace my problems back to high school. There has always been something that has set me apart from the other girls, something I as a teen was lacking… a period. As a competitive dancer and cheerleader I always summed this minor detail up to a lack in body fat and maybe a little bit of stress. At one point in time I did visit a doctor to be sure my case was nothing serious and aside from a heightened level of testosterone I was totally normal. The doctor offered to put me on “the pill” to induce a period but I declined. As a high schooler I could have cared less about the minor detail until I was headed off to college that is…. because who wants to be the girl in class who gets her monthly bill for the first time ever? Can you imagine the embarrassment?

Now fast forward to early 2013….

I was married and on my husbands health insurance. My pill was no longer being covered so I found myself paying $160 every 3 months for a pill that was making me sick unless taken at night. With all that in mind I had decided to go off, detox my body and get ready for when my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying to have children. 

A month after going off the pill I received all my monthly symptoms but my period never came. Having gained 5 lbs over night (literally) and felling like a pin poke could deflate me I couldn’t shake my discomfort. 

A few months later I went in for my annual doctors appointment. I brought up the fact that I hadn’t had a period in months and expressed my concern and discomfort. I was surprised to find my doctor to be as passive as she was. She told me to check in if 6 months had passed and I still hadn’t received it. 6 months came and went. When I contacted my doctor I was shocked when she asked who had diagnosed me with PCOS. This is the first time I had ever heard of it, so you can imagine my reaction to finding out that I had it! When the questions came flooding out my doctor was quick to refer me to a specialist. I was in the specialists office just a week later where multiple tests were conducted. 

About a week following my tests I was back in the office with my specialist. For the first time I walked out with answers. I did in fact have PCOS. Not only do I have PCOS but I have a text book case (well aside from the fact that I am far from over-weight). With a diet not being an option to help I was placed on Metformin with progesterone being prescribed once every 2 months to help induce a period. Sadly they can’t do anything about the awesome side burns, mustache and chin hair I have to wax, pluck or laser that! My acne is out of control and I can’t lose weight no matter how much food I cut out of my diet. In addition to all of the awesome typical PCOS symptoms I was “blessed” with I was also informed that getting pregnant wasn’t going to be easy…which by this time my husband and I had already figured out.

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2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. scanafritz says:

    I have PCOS as well. Your story about your periods growing up is pretty familiar, except I am overweight where you’re not.
    I’m currently doing laser removal for all of that lovely facial hair that we tend to have. Let me tell you, it’s incredibly worth it. I don’t know how bad your hair is, but I noticed an improvement after one treatment. It’s more expensive, but you don’t have to let the hair grow out to wax/pluck. 🙂
    Good luck!

    • jdubbelde13 says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am happy to know I am not alone with all this PCOS fun. Does the laser removal hurt? My skin is so sensitive I am scared I will have a reaction of some sort and then everyone will see what’s going on. I do plan to actively look into it but am working to focus on one thing at a time…

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