My PCOS Story…For Today

As much as I want to start you from the beginning of this journey I also want you to know where I am at as of now. Therefore, my first entry will be from last Friday’s events (I wrote this last Friday but haven’t had internet). I promise to give you my backstory too but be prepared for the interjection of current happenings, thoughts and feelings because as you all know the production of babies is a roller-coaster, especially if you require help…

Let the journey begin…

There’s nothing quite like a Friday morning appointment to not only wreck your day but your weekend. I should know by now that making my appointments on Monday’s are ideal, that way you have all week to revel in disappointment rather than wasting valuable weekend time doing so. That or you are too busy with work and other obligations to spend time thinking about it. Either way, Monday’s it is from here on out….

Anyways, wouldn’t it be exciting to find out the great news on a Friday; to start your weekend off on the right foot with an additional spring in your step? Let’s just say that was my hope….

Today, Friday, I had the first ultrasound (follicle scan) appointment of my third Clomid cycle. With a new heightened dose and some additional estrogen supplements I walked into my appointment with all the hope in the world. I knew it was going to work this time around, it had to right? I mean I have been put through it all so far, First cycle appendix, second cycle wasn’t a strong enough dose, so surely the third would be my charm. Well as I am sure you suspect that was not the case.

Throughout the exam my technician was great, she talked to me about what she was seeing rather than sitting there in silence (I hate that). I already know I have the most textbook case of PCOS someone could have (at least as far as my lady parts go) so that information wasn’t news to me. Aside from that things seemed to be looking good, and then it came; the question…”have you ever had mature follicles?”  The answer was a simple no. Already suspecting the news to come I tried to remain hopeful.  

Though my doctor had not been consulted the tech did share with me that it appears my follicles are not even close to where they need to be. She asked if I have been recommended to take ovulation tests (which I was) and suggested I don’t start taking them for a while, as it would be a waste of my time and money.

So here I am waiting for my doctor to confirm the doom I already know is coming. I am praying that by some miracle she is hopeful things will change over the next few days, but deep down I think I know better. I love my doctor for the fact that false hope is not in her belief system. She gives it to me straight, answers any and all of my questions and gives me my next steps.
  Update: I finally heard from my doctor. I was given two options. Come in later this week for another ultrasound to see if any       progress   has been made and my reactions are just delayed or wait the 30 days. Take a test and call. I opted for the wait. I have    already rung   up my medical bills for the year and will try to save anywhere I can.

So my weekend plans? I think I will go shopping. No, the money I spend won’t bring me the happiness I am looking for but it beats the heck out of sitting home while my husband is off trying to bag his next trophy buck.

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